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Medicare Life Insurance Plans

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Plans


NC Senior Solutions is proud to partner with the following insurance companies offering life insurance plans in North Carolina.

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Aetna

  • Royal Neighbors of America

  • Liberty Bankers Life

  • Transamerica

  • Northa American Company

  • AIG

  • Family Benefits


Final expense life insurance is a whole life permanent plan.  They are usually smaller face amounts with additional riders geared to maximize the benefit for the beneficiary.   They are designed to cover the cost of funerals and other expenses that may be left to loved ones.  A whole life policy will never expire and the price does not go up.  They build cash value that can be surrendered or take a paid up option.  You will pay less for this type of policy the younger and healthier you are when purchased.  There are many options based on what your needs may be.  Click on the "Get Help" below to learn more.    

Final Expense Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance


Term life is great option for temporary coverage.  In general, there is more purchasing power with term life.  Companies are willing to give more coverage for less money because most people will out live their policy.  Therefore the company would not have to pay the death claim.  Term life will end at some point in the future.  30, 20, 10 year terms are poplular options.  There may be an option to convert the policy into a permanent whole life at the end of term set forth by the policy.  Health conditions are looked in the application process.  Purchasing a larger term life policy when younger and converting to smaller permanent whole life when older is a great strategy.  To some it up, term life is for the unexpected.  Click on the "Get Help" button below if you need more information on term life.  


This is a product that combines the best of both worlds.  You can get more for your money like a term, but set the terms based on your monthly budget.  This type of policy you can get a guaranteed premium and face amount to an age that you choose.  If you have longevity in your genes, you can set it to well passed the age of 100.  Set your age lower if you want a more afordable premium.  The underwriting on GUL is usually a little stricter then a traditional whole life final expense policy.  The good news is you can get into a guaranteed universal life up to the age of 70.  Let us know if you want to explore this option further by clicking the "Get Help" button below.

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance
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